5 ways to improve your battery life

We’ve all had that battery problem with our phones that’s had us constantly scurrying for a charger. We’ve also got the same advice on lowering our battery usage with tips such as closing background apps, putting our phones on flight mode, lowering phone brightness and a couple more helpful hints. Inasmuch as these have been helpful, we always still feel like there is more that we can do to just get our batteries draining a little slower. We have a few valuable ideas you can try out, and when you do, let us know which one works the best for you.

  1. Get a diagnostic of what is using your phone’s battery.
    Depending on your phone, you get a health report by going to your battery settings. This health report will inform you whether applications are running normally and which one of them is using significant battery energy in the background. Using the battery saver menu, you could even switch on your battery saver.
  2. Turn off active listening.
    Voice assistance may be convenient, but it’s at the cost of your battery life. When your voice assistant is on, your phone is always listening, which means your battery life is being used up. Whether using Google Assistant or Samsung Bixby, you can turn this feature off by holding down your home screen button to call up the feature and then selecting the inbox icon. Or open the app, tap your profile image, open ‘Hey Google & Voice Match’, then disable ‘Hey Google’.
  3. Turn on dark mode (with the right screen)
    Most older versions of phones have LCD screens, where if dark mode is turned on, it doesn’t really affect your battery saving. However, flagship phones from Samsung, OnePlus and Google have transitioned to using OLED or AMOLED displays where the phone actually turns off the pixels displaying black, so you’re saving some battery when all those bright white panels have now gone dark.
  4. Dumb down your phone
    We all know that smartphones are like miniature computers that fit into your hand, but did you know this also means the processor in your phone runs at full speed? A faster processor isn’t always necessary, especially if you’re doing something simple like sending a text. You can turn off ‘Enhanced processing’ in your Battery settings to disable this. This will ensure faster data processing but still, save your battery life.

Also, try turning off the refresh rate of your screen. It’s not always necessary to have your screen animations look smoother at the cost of your battery life. So try turning down that refresh rate to s standard 60Hz in your Display settings.

  1. Turn off vibration
    Buzz Buzz, your battery is draining. The haptic feedback that shakes your phone when a call comes in or when you get an alert is a sure-fire way to use up power. Turn this off when you don’t need it to save your battery.
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