Warranty Information

Warranty Information

The following is the general warranty information that covers most of our products at Spellbound. Please note, for specific per-product warranty information, feel free to contact us directly.

Spellbound Service Centre disclaims any liability or responsibility for the loss of any data stored in the product including software etc while the product is being serviced by Spellbound Service Centre.

You have sole responsibility for ensuring that you have a back-up for all such data before you present the product for servicing and repair.

Warranty Conditions

Proof of purchase (Original invoice or receipt) along with the warranty card should be presented to service centre each time the gadget is brought in for servicing.

Warranty is only valid when the warranty card is properly filled in with the date of purchase, customer name, model number and IMEI number.

Warranty covers the gadget only excluding the LCD and does not apply to the battery, charger, phone covers, headset or any other accessories inside the gadget package.

In case of manufacturing defects, the phone will not be replaced, it will only be repaired.

Warranty does not cover any defects due to software.

Warranty is void when:

Warranty is void in cases of breakage, liquid or humidity damage.

Warranty is void if the gadget has been opened or serviced by any other service centre (Except Spellbound Service Centre)

Warranty is void if the gadget has been misused by the customer and shows signs of physical damage, dents or scuffs and marks.

Warranty is void in cases of electrical fault caused by power surges.

We do not refund or exchange any device after purchase we only repair phones with a valid warranty.

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