About us

Who We Are​

We are a dedicated supplier of computing and technology equipment to customers at all scales of business. From individual end users to large corporations that require scale computing solutions. We also supply to a number of resellers at wholesale price to widen our supply network. We also stock and supply a variety of accessories and support services to augment our core product offerings.


Business Experience

  1. Knowledge of telecoms franchise business

Our team is led by experienced directors who have over the years been driven by their passion for success. Individually, they established their own businesses from grassroots until they formed an alliance which saw them growing the business to greater heights. During this period, we have acquired a lot of experience in telecoms franchise business. We currently run 2 telecoms franchise businesses i.e. Huawei and Econet Wireless. We have also created relationships and synergies that have guaranteed our operational existence.

    1. Business management experience

The company commenced operations in 2009 and has experienced rapid growth. This growth has constantly improved our management skills and we continue to periodically review ourselves. Over and above this we employ an experienced and highly qualified technical personnel who provide quality after sales service and support.

We Hope You Share Our​

Mission & Vision​

  • To satisfy the needs of our customers in terms of quality, price and service.
  • To be the widest, first choice distributors of computers, mobile devices, consumables and other electronic related products.


Our values are centered on the customers. We ride on the satisfaction of our customer. We strongly believe our customer is our master and that our service to them is not a choice but a prerequisite to our survival. We strongly believe in integrity, passion and professionalism.

Original Reputable Brands

We stock a wide range of products from original reputable manufactures.

Customer Support

We provide on-going product support to keep your business running. 

Authorised Service Centre

We operate a Huawei Authorised Service Centre to look after repairs and replacements.

Product Warranty

All our products come with a warranty to allow you security of purchase.

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